My Biological Navigation System



When I was born my brain, that is to say, my biological navigation system (or Bio-Nav … like a Sat-Nav) was fully on auto-pilot. Later on I learnt to use my Bio-Nav semi-automatically. That means I could consciously select some actual goals (like a particular job or mate or beer) and consciously navigate towards them.


My Bio-Nav’s (i.e. my brain’s) job is to get me to my basic goal. My basic goal is survival. Because my basic goal is achieved within a particular, secondary situation, and of which there are an unpredictable zillion, and since the specific data of that situation are not given, my Bio-Nav’s basic response must be blind. Being blind my Bio-Nav can deal perfectly with all situations. However, just like a blind man stumbling along my Bio-Nav acquires seeming sight by means of data derived from contact and which it stores as memory.


My Bio-Nav’s basic, fully automatic job is to ensure my survival, that is to say, to make me a winner (i.e. the ‘fittest’) in every (situation I) encounter. On the basis of the data available to it my Bio-Nav automatically decides (i.e. computes) whether I’ve won or lost the encounter. It then signals ‘win’ with happiness (or elation) and ‘lose’ with unhappiness (or depression).


Fundamentally my Bio-Nav (i.e. brain) is a blind automatic virtual data shuffling operation. Being blind and reactive (like all computers) it neither understands nor judges the data it accepts and shuffles. That being so I or others, such as parents, politicians or priests, can deliberately feed it true or false or indeed fake data (as in a movie), thereby tricking its win-lose decision making and so manipulating my happiness and unhappiness responses.


See my book: ‘How to make and fake happiness’