My Biological Navigation System



At birth my brain, that is to say, my biological navigation system (or Bio-Nav … like a Sat-Nav) is set fully on auto-pilot.1 Later on I learn2 to use my Bio-Nav semi-automatically. That means I can consciously select some actual goals (like a particular job or mate or beer) and deliberately and consciously navigate towards them.


My Bio-Nav’s (i.e. my brain’s) job is to get me to my basic goal.3 My basic, because all-or-nothing goal is personal survival.4

However, that goal is virtual rather than actual in that my basic goal can only be achieved within an actual situation, and of which there are an unpredictable zillion.5 Since the specific data of the actual situation that produces survival are unpredictable, my Bio-Nav’s basic response must be fundamentally blind, i.e. undetermined, open6 to all possibilities. Being blind my Bio-Nav can deal perfectly with all situations. However, just like a blind man stumbling along my Bio-Nav learns, i.e. acquires seeming sight7 by means of data derived from contact and which it stores as memory.


My Bio-Nav’s basic, fully automatic job is to ensure my survival, that is to say, to ensure that I remain a winner8 (i.e. the ‘fittest’) in every (situation I) encounter. On the basis of the data available to it my Bio-Nav automatically decides (i.e. computes) whether I’ve won or lost an encounter. It then signals ‘win’9 with happiness (or elation/’green’) and ‘lose’ with unhappiness (or depression/’red’).


Fundamentally a biological system’s navigation operation (i.e. brain) serves as blind, automatic, outcome (i.e. survival) directed data shuffling operation. Being basically blind and reactive (i.e. like all data processors) it neither understands nor judges the data it accepts and shuffles. That being so clever parents, politicians, priests, gurus and so on can, having disabled or narrowed the brain’s acquired judgement filters, deliberately feed the navigation system (i.e. the brain) with selected true, false or indeed fake data (as in a movie) to trick and bend its win-lose decision making process thereby manipulating a system’s ‘win’ (happiness) and ‘lose’ (unhappiness) responses.


RE: singing bowls. The single sound of the bowl intentionally floods the brain with a single neutral (i.e. stress free) datum. Such flooding resets the brain to neutral which in turn sets the body to neutral, thereby eliminating stress.





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1.  Every living system, from microbe to human, operates with a navigation system.

2.  i.e. from the data, i.e. memory, I acquire.






3.  In other words, my navigation system’s job is to get me to my destination, whatever that destination is.

4.  The goal of survival is common to all living systems. They emerge as response to living conditions.

5.  Over the last 10 million years, approx. 100 billion humans have striven to reach the same basic goal (i.e. survival) but by 100 billion different actual means.



6.  i.e. ‘open-minded,’ detached, like the auto-pilot of an airplane or self-drive car capable of reaching any destination because capable of responding and adapting to all situations.

7.  The Bio-Nav constructs judgement, thus value (for survival) from acquired data.



8.  For ‘win’ read: increase relative survival capacity. For ‘lose’ read: decrease relative survival capacity.

9.   Happiness and unhappiness serve as highly effective Guide & Control, hence feedback signals.































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