Singing Bowls


@ the lowest prices in Ireland



Choose a singing bowl like you would a lover, i.e. for the best vibes. Hence, try before you buy.



The shop @ The Indian Sculpture Park in Roundwood, Co Wicklow has the biggest supply (about 500) of Singing Bowls in Ireland and at the very lowest prices, starting @ € 10.- (incl. stick). Great for beginners and doubters.






Euro price


Pressed Brass






Hand made

Beaten Brass


















Wooden stick included





Size 13cms to

23 cms








Size 13cms to

23 cms



VAT Included





 € 10.-  to  € 30.-













€ 30.-  to € 90.-














€ 10.-  to € 40.-






          € 10.- 




€ 10.-




We’re small beer, hence are not organised for Credit Cards




How the singing bowl works