The Singing Bowl 1




Every change of state in my brain2 produces a corresponding change of state in my body.


In other words, processing distressful data in my Bio-Nav (i.e. brain) produces distressful bodily responses.3 In short, what I think or imagine4 that I automatically act out bodily and, if I persist, become.


The Singing Bowl generates a sound, i.e. a vibration-as-datum that is distress neutral.5 By processing a stress neutral sound my Bio-Nav sets to neutral which in turn sets (i.e. calms) the body to neutral.6



Once in neutral,7 i.e. calmed down, my body can fully activate its self-healing and self-repair functions.



Intense focusing on the sound of my Singing Bowl to the exclusion of all else8 floods/fills my brain with stress neutral data so that my brain is cleansed of all distress data.

This cleansing operation generates a relaxed, high quality mental, physical and emotional time-out, a sort of blissful Nirvana state.




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1.     When a ‘singing bowl’ vibrates it floods (i.e. bathes) the brain with a single datum and which ‘sets’ the state of the brain.


2.     The brain, like the auto-pilot of an airplane, serves as navigation system, i.e. as Biological Navigation System or Bio-Nav.


3.     i.e. high muscle tone, high blood pressure and energy releasing ‘fight or flight’ responses.


4.     Whatever datum I process in my brain (or gut, as primary brain) decides the physical and emotional responses of my body and/or emotions.


5.     In India the sound most commonly used to revert to initial state neutrality and the recovery of one’s basic spiritual destination is the sound of OM.


6.     Some practitioners link particular sounds to data bases, such as chakras or planets, whose content - as placebo - sets their brains and bodies to positive outcomes.


7.     For ‘in neutral’ read: ‘On standby’, i.e. fully relaxed = de-stressed from both negative and positive stress. When fully focussed on one single datum (as sound, image or perfume) one as it were enters into a healing coma.


8.     Immersing oneself in a neutral sound (bath) serves as a form of fasting.


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